Panoba are a well-established specialist UK education and lifestyle management consultancy
serving families across the GCC region. Panoba offer a professional concierge approach to assist
families with finding the right educational pathway for their children in the UK and Worldwide.

If you are a GCC based family and are considering the UK for a traditional boarding school, a London day school or a school with special educational needs provision, the process can seem overwhelming. We will guide you through the school search and admissions process, advising you on the many different options available, to ensure that we find the school that is perfect for your child.

Summer programmes run from June to August and offer GCC students aged 8-18 years a unique immersive learning and cultural experience. From English language tuition to Global Leadership programmes, professional sports coaching and mini MBAs, Panoba will ensure we find the most suitable course for your child.

We work with many GCC families seeking the best pathway into higher education studies in the UK, US, Canada and globally. Whether you are looking for a Foundation course, Bachelors or Masters, let us assist and guide you to make the best choice for your young adult, as they take their first steps into independence and towards a successful future.

Our unique relocation service for families ensures that the best educational choices remain at the forefront of the search process, while also ensuring the perfect family home is found. Our clients have enjoyed seamless transitions from their origin countries to new lives, all over the UK.


We are here for our clients during COVID-19. We’re still working and still speaking to schools daily. If you are concerned about whether you should still make applications to schools for entry Sept 2020 or if you had planned to attend a UK summer programme, please do get in touch.



Panoba are a certified agent of the prestigious BSA (Boarding Schools Association). We have a strong and extensive database of professional contacts and services which enables us to provide clients with a level of service unattainable elsewhere.